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Professional License Training Center

  The Center was newly established on August 1st, 2007, in line with government policies.

  Our focus is on the development of professionals in different industries. Procession of professional licenses is the trend in our society nowadays; professional license is the proof of one’s specialties and ability.

  A part of our business was passed on from the previous Public Service Center. Due to our careful organization and standardized management, we are known for high reliability and positive reputation. This allows us to undertake several government agency authorized courses or programs, such as:

• Construction Site Supervisor Training Program

• Construction Site Supervisor Re-training Program

• Construction Management Re-training Program

• Public Construction Quality Management Training Program

• Public Construction Quality Management Re-training Program

• Dedicated Wastewater And Sewage Treatment Specialist.

• Waste Clearance Technician.

• Waste Disposal Technician.

• Environmental Agents Manufacturers Technician.

• Environmental Agents Vendors Technician.

• Disease Vector Control Technician.

  Achievements of students graduated from these programs are outstanding, and we have excellent reputation in several government evaluations. We believe the establishment of this Center will help many people in our society to gain professional skills and increase their compatibility.

As per Personal Information Protection Act and TKU Personal Information Management Policy, the personal information collected is solely for the usage of school administration and teaching purpose.
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