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Japanese Language Center


In order to coordinate the state economy development and the social need, to promote the people Japanese communication expression ability, and to combine the resources of the College of international studies, the College of foreign languages and literature, Japanese studies, Japanese department, the College of technology, Practical Japanese department, and the College of continuing education, and to provide courses for those who are willing to study Japanese, and to train up the experts who have the practical experience and ability of the language, we establish the Japanese Center. The center provides professional courses as well as practical ones. The courses are very flexible, so you can choose classes either with credit or none credit. The teachers here are all professional. After you finish classes with 80 credits, and pass the entrance examinations of two-year technology college or four-year college, you can become a formal student of the University. This will be the best choice of the second skill or continuing education .

The features of the courses


TamkangUniversity is the only school that has both the general education system and the technique duty education system in Taiwan. Being both practical and professional, the Center combines the superiorities of the two systems to become a center with the extreme specialization.


The curriculums are providing in two ways.

A:Classes with credit→Providing credited bachelor(Practical Japanese department). Classes are divided into three levels, basic, intermediate, and advanced. People who have the high school degree can take the classes.

B:Classes without credit→Providing diversified classes, from the basic general Japanese classes, NHK listening classes to high level test classes. Anyone interesting in Japanese can come to the classes.


Except the basic and intermediate Japanese classes are package courses, others are very flexible to be chosen.

˙Professional and qualified teachers

There are nearly one hundred professional instructors who have acquired a specialty from the Japanese language study, Japanese literature, Japanese education, Japanese society, politics, economy, culture, thought and so on in the school.

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