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In-Service Education Center
   Implementing the Policy of “Lifelong Education”
Under the motto of “Lifelong Education and Returning to School for Re-education,” the Ministry of Education (MOE) in recent years has sought to innovate through practical means. To this end, the master’s program in higher education for working students was created to enable working-class adults to return to school to further their education. Now, earning an advanced degree is no longer a dream for students of the Extension Education Center to earn an academic degree if he/she is accepted to the master’s program for on-the-job students.

   Origin and Brief Sketch>
The Internet boom and pervasiveness of Internet-enabled devices has ushered in an era of rapid change and increased communication. However, these changes also necessitate an increase in learning to stay competent with this rapidly evolving society. 

-----In order to confront this need, Tamkang University established the Guiding Office for Taking Credit Courses in 1989 (which was subsequently renamed the Extension Education Center (EEC) in 1995). Under the continued effort of several directors in promoting extension education, Tamkang University has inaugurated Taiwan’s first excellent lifelong education system. 

-----In its nascent years, the Extension Education Center laid emphasis on graduate programs, such as graduate programs in Management Sciences, Banking and Finance, International Affairs and Strategic Studies, and Water Resources and Environmental Engineering. In later years the Architecture, Information Management, Information Sciences, Educational Media Science, International Trade, China Studies, Industrial Economics, Japan Studies, and Accounting programs were gradually added. In its early years, the undergraduate programs emphasized practical courses in business and engineering as well as basic courses like English and Japanese. Currently, the undergraduate programs have included many courses offered in the Colleges of Liberal Arts, Business, Management, Engineering, and Technology. As a result, under our lifelong education programs Tamkang has cultivated numberless professionals. 

-----In addition to recruiting incoming students, the Center is also devoted to promoting extension education in conjunction with both private and public institutions. Starting from 1994, the Center has been implementing a new program, titled the Addition of Other Courses to the Teacher’s Registration Program. Every semester more than one thousand adults are enrolled in this program. Among the graduates from this program, every year over one hundred go abroad for graduate studies, and nearly one hundred are enrolled for bachelor’s degrees. In recent years, every year more than one hundred pass the teachers screening examinations administered by various local educational institutions. 

-----In the Academic Year 1995, the Center was renamed the Extension Education Center. (EEC). The Center is administered by a director, who is in charge of all extension education programs of the Center; a secretary; two section heads, and several administrative as well as academic assistants.

   Major Events
----Tamkang University established a section for screening the Extension Education Center in August, 1997.

-----The Ministry of Education approved of the regulations concerning the establishment of the Extension Education Center.

-----Tamkang University promulgated its “Regulations Regarding the Extension Education Center” on June 22, 1998.

   Promoting Extension Education Cooperation
     Since its inception, the Center has contracted academic agreements with more than twenty organizations including governmental institutions, county governments, city councils, and business organizations, offering credit courses and developing extension education to every corner of Taiwan. Currently, besides its main headquarter situated at the Taipei Campus, the Center has set up teaching branches in other areas including Hsin-chu Industrial Park, Tao-yuan, and Peng-hu.

   Distance Education Under Planning
     To match with the university’s policy of Information-oriented Education, the Extension Education Center together with the university’s Educational Development Center are currently engaged in promoting and designing curricula on distance education.  Moreover, the Extension Education Center will utilize the university’s rich resources and match with the demands of all sectors so as to provide the society with more opportunities for learning.

   EEC Teaching Environment and Facilities, Taipei Campus
Classroom Facilities Quantity
General Classrooms (up to 62 seats)  19
Big Classrooms (over 63 seats)  3
Tiered Classrooms (132 seats & 237 seats) 3
Big Conference Hall (115 seats)  1
Small Classrooms  (up to 30 seats) 11
Labs for Language Drills (40 seats) 1
Multi-media Classrooms (54, 63, & 81 seats) 5
Computer Classrooms (50 & 60) 3
Study Room (160 seats) 1
   EEC Transportation Information , Taipei Campus
Kinds  Names of Stops Route Nos         
Buses Yun-kang St Stop  20, 22, 38, 204, Hsing-yi Route or

 zhi-nan 3
Public Adm. Stop 38, 253
Hsing-yi Rd and Ching-shan Rd Intersection 38, 214, 237, 248, 249, 253, 606
National Taiwan Normal Univ. 3, 15, 18, 74, 235, 237, 254, 278,   295, 503, 662, 663, 907
MRT Chiang Kai-shek
Memorial Hall Station
Kuting Station
Parking-lots King-hua Park Parking-lot</span>
 Business Hours: 24 hours

 Parking Fees: NT$20 per hour

 Parking Capacity: 198 cars

 Tel: (02)2357-8564
Ching-shan Parking-lot
 Business Hours: from 07:00 to 23:00

 Parking Fees: NT$40 per hour ( Discount rate available

                         for TKU  faculty & students )

 Parking Capacity: 220 cars

 Tel.: (02)2358-4766
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